Potatoes and Peas

Potatoes and Peas

The alarm went off and I woke up.

I was tired and sleepy and slow.

My back and bones hurt.

I got in my chair and went to the kitchen.

I filled the kettle with water.

It was heavy and hard to hold.

I put it down and pushed the button.

The light turned on and it was orange.

I waited and looked in the garden.

I saw birds and cats and birds.

I like birds and cats and dogs.

They are nice and soft and friendly.

The orange light went out.

I put the water in my mug.

I opened the fridge and got the milk.

I made my tea and took it to the table.

I turned the television on and waited.

Bob the Sponge was laughing.

He is yellow and funny.

Patrick is his friend and he is funny too.

They are both funny.

The door opened and Claire came in.

‘Hello.’ She said.

‘Hello.’ I said.

She put her bag on the chair.

‘How are you today James?’

‘Good.’ I smiled.

She looked around the kitchen.

‘You forgot to put the milk back.’ She said.

‘Sorry.’ I said.

‘That’s okay, just try and remember.’


She put her gloves on.

She had a purple jumper.

I like purple.

‘How did you sleep?’


She looked pretty.

She got some water and washed my face.

The water was hot.

‘Are you okay?’



‘It’s okay.’

We went to the bathroom and Claire took my shirt off.

She washed under my arms.

The sponge was soft and yellow.

It tickled and I laughed.

She was nice and I liked her.

‘What are your plans for today?’

‘Morrisons. Potatoes and peas.’

‘Is that for your dinner?’


‘Sounds nice.’

She finished and put a clean shirt on me.

It smelt like flowers.

‘Fank you.’

‘You’re welcome, but tomorrow, a proper bath.’

‘I don’t like baths.’

‘You need to James. You’ll feel better and clean.’


‘No buts. First thing tomorrow we’ll have a bath.’


‘If you have a bath then maybe I’ll bring you some cakes.’

‘I like cakes.’

‘Maybe I’ll bring the Mr Kipling ones, the Lemon Slices.’

‘Lemon Slices?’

‘Yeah, but only if you have a bath.’


‘You promise?’


‘Come on, do you promise?’

‘I promise.’

‘Great. Now have you washed your teeth?’


‘Let me see.’


‘They don’t look clean to me. Let’s wash them again.’


Her teeth were very shiny.

My teeth were clean but they were not shiny.

My mouth tasted of mint.

We went to the kitchen and my tea was cold.

Claire started writing in her pad.

The pen was blue and Barclay’s.

The ink was dark and black.

Her hands were small and she had a lot of rings.

I liked her rings.

They were gold and silver and bright and pretty.

‘I like your rings.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Can I have one?’

‘I can’t James. My husband gave them to me.’


‘Sorry. But when you get a girlfriend you can give each other rings.’

‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

‘I can’t.’


‘I’m married.’

‘Will you marry me?’

‘I’m already married, James.’


‘I’m too old for you anyway.’

‘You are pretty and purple.’

‘Thank you. But you can find a nicer and younger girlfriend.’


‘Yeah. Maybe you can find one in Morrisons.’

‘Morrisons? How much?’

‘No, not like that. You can’t buy one. I mean, you might meet one in Morrisons.’


‘Yeah, you just have to keep looking.’

‘Keep looking?’

‘Yeah, like this.’

She made a funny face.

She was funny and I laughed.

‘Now, have you been to the toilet?’


‘Do you need to go?’


‘Do you want some help?’

‘Yes please.’

Claire helped me pee and poo and put me in my chair again.

The bathroom was cold and I was cold.

‘You have to remember to ask John to close your windows at night.’

Claire closed the window.

I don’t like winter because it is cold.

But I like Christmas and Santa and presents and Chocolate.

Everybody is kind and nice.

We went to the Kitchen.

The Kitchen was warm.

‘Are you going shopping straight away?’


‘Are you going to buy Christmas presents?’


‘Are you going to buy me one?’


‘I’m just joking. Don’t waste your money on me. Buy something nice for yourself.’

‘For me?’

‘Yes. A nice jumper.’


‘Now, shall we put your jacket on?’


Claire helped me put my jacket and hat and gloves on.

They were red and I liked red.

Claire didn’t have a hat.

She had big earrings.

They were purple too.

Purple like her jumper.

‘Did you remember to charge your wheelchair?’


‘Are you sure?’


‘Okay, shall we check to make sure?’


‘We don’t want you to get stuck again do we?’


‘And what happens if you do get stuck?’

‘Use phone.’

‘To call who?’

‘You or John or number in pocket.’

‘That’s right. Good.’

We went to the door and I went first.

Claire shouted. ‘James.’

I turned around and looked at Claire.

‘Did you forget something?’


‘Are you going to lock the door?’


I locked the door.

Claire smiled and I smiled too.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’


‘Remember we’re having a bath tomorrow. Cakes and Kipling.’


‘But only if you have a bath.’


‘Have a good day. Oh, and make sure to watch out for any future girlfriends.’

‘Fank you.’



The sun was very bright.

The day was nice and people smiled.

My chair was big and fast.

I liked to go fast.

I got to Morrisons and went inside.

Morrisons used to be Safeway.

It was green and white but now it is yellow and black.

I like green and white and yellow.

I don’t like black.

Black is sad.

A lot of people were shopping.

I was shopping too.

There were a lot of ladies but they all had rings on.

The potatoes were on special offer.

I took two bags and put them on my legs.

The peas were in aisle 12.

I went to aisle 12 to get the peas.

A girl ran out and I hit her with my chair.

I couldn’t stop and she started crying and I felt bad and sad and sorry.

She was hurt and I was sorry.

‘Sorry’ I said.

She started crying and a lady came.

‘Wha’ da hell yoo doin’?’

The lady started shouting.


‘Wha d’yoo do?’


‘You all right Sharice?’

She pulled the girl.

‘You hit her?’


‘Watch where yoo’z goin’ innit.’


‘You got a problem man? You listenin’? I’m talkin’ t’yoo!’

She kept shouting and people were staring.

She got louder and I felt sad and bad and scared.

‘Wha’s wrong wiv yoo man?’


‘Yoo slow or sumfin’?’

Then a man came.

‘Calm down’, he said.

‘Shut up. Waz it gotta do wiv yoo blud?‘

‘It was an accident.’

‘He ran over Sharice, ya get me.’

‘By accident.’

‘Piss off. Manz wants a slap innit.’

‘No’ –

‘Gettin all feisty and shit.’

’I don’t want any trouble.’

‘Good. Fuckin’ fool.’

The lady pulled the girl away.

‘Come on Sharice.’

The girl was not crying anymore.

She smiled at me.

I smiled back.

They disappeared and I felt better.

‘You all right?’ The man asked.


‘Ignore her. You need help with anything?’


‘Fresh peas or canned peas.’

‘Peas in tin please.’

The man walked with me and we found the peas.

They were in aisle 16 not 12.

The peas had moved.

I didn’t know but now I do.

Aisle 16.

‘Fank you.’ I said.

‘No worries. Have a good day.’


I paid for my potatoes and peas and went up the hill.

I went to the Red Lion and Pineapple.

I liked the Red Lion and Pineapple because the people were nice.

I had a Coke and sat in the garden.

The Coke was cold but the sun was hot.

My head was hot and my hat was hot.

I finished my Coke and went down the hill.

At home I watched a man make Spaghetti Bolognese.

Spaghetti Bolognese is from Italy.

My mum made the best spaghetti Bolognese.

But she is dead and I can’t make it.

I miss her.

I miss her dippers and beans.

They were nice.

And her chips and fish.

My mum was a nice cook.

She was my mum.

I loved her.

Daddy was nice too.

He liked horses and dogs.

I liked him.

He was funny and silly.

But he is gone now.

I don’t know where.

I wish he would come back.

I miss him.

I miss my mum and dad.

It was five o’clock and John came in.

‘Hello.’ I said.

‘Hello, Jaymz.’

John was big and Polish.

His voice was funny but he was nice.

He was big and nice and Polish.

‘Yoo hav goood daye?’

‘Yeah. I went shopping.’



‘Vat buye?’

‘Potatoes and Peas.’

‘Yoo layke potatoz and peez?’


‘We eet toogeder yess?’


‘Goood. Okaye. Beefor I kook, yoo need toylet?’



John put his gloves on and helped me in the toilet.

He was strong and big.

He opened the window and it was dark.

The night was black and cold.

He whistled and I whistled and we whistled together.

He put me in my chair and made our dinner.

He makes good potatoes and peas.

We talked and he washed the dishes.

His mother is Polish and lives in Poland.

Poland is in Europe and Europe is big.

Her name is Zosia.

John says she is a good cook.

She likes potatoes too.

We all like potatoes.

And peas.

Potatoes and peas.

Tomorrow I will buy some more and we will eat together.

Eat and talk.

I like talking to John.

He is my friend.

I like Claire too.

She is my other friend.

They are both my friends.

I like them very much.

They make me happy.



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