Here are some poems…


The Whole Men‘ is a re-working of ‘The Hollow Men‘ by T. S. Eliot…



We are the whole men
We are the wounded men
Walking together
Headphones filled with songs.
Their whining voices, when
They whimper together
Are subtle and sensitive
As Coke cans in the sea
Or hamsters in the fire
In our withered wheels.

Songs without words, music without notes,
Hindered hymns, hope without faith;

Those who have lost
With wilted love, to life’s vulgar parish
Forget us – if they can – not as searching
Caring creatures, but only
As the whole men
The empty men.


Tears I hunt to hold in truth
In realities ruined village
These do arrive:
There, the tears are
Fountains on the mended hothouse
There, is a static sign post
And silence in
The sun scolding
More hostile and more garish
Than a fashioned fame.

Let me be closer still
In life’s concrete district
Let me also shed
Such fortuitous suits
Striped ties, cufflinks, pointy shoes
In a city
Behaving as the smoke behaves
Exhausted –

Yes that primitive seclusion
In the flaming prison


This is the living land
This is the orchid land
Here the painted photos
Are presented, here they take
The promise of an unborn soul
Under the shadow of a spotlight.

It is not like this
In life’s farther suburb
Standing together
At the minute of the
Brave and strong
Fists that would punch
Form hope to young existence.


The lips are here
There are lips here
In this world of novel words
In this ample alley
This clear vision of a reformed breed

In this first communication
We offer to our other
And seek a speech
Kneeling on the tarmac of this empty street

Singing, unless
The silence rises
As the vicious binds
Pallid gags
Of life’s flaming prison
The device only
Of deceitful men


Here we halt before the plain prime minister
Plain prime minister plain prime minister
Here we halt before the plain prime minister
At midnight in the morning

Between the promise
And the present
Between the tactic
And the tainted
Falls the fiction

For Thine is the Prison

Between the ballot
And the brute
Between the suit
And the sick
Falls the fiction

Life is very short

Between the oath
And the oligarch
Between the letters
And the larceny
Between the duty
And the disregard
Falls the fiction
For Thine is the Prison

For Thine is
Death is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world begins
This is the way the world begins
This is the way the world begins
Not with a rest but with a revolution




I am welcome, yes?
I can come, yes?

I am legal, yes?
I have papers, yes?

I respect rules, yes?
I look to learn, yes?

I have home address, yes?
I listen to landline, yes?

I open bank account, yes?
I start some savings, yes?

I plan my bills, yes?
I cope with cash, yes?

I know the Queen, yes?
I watch Eastenders, yes?

I eat sausage and mash, yes?
I drink pints of beer, yes?

I study at uni, yes?
I get good grades, yes?

I make friends, yes?
I meet girl, yes?

I work hard, yes?
I pay taxes, yes?

I contribute, yes?
I like you, yes?

I fill form, yes?
I am home, yes?

I wait, yes?

I wait, yes?

Can I stay?





Do you agree I’m you, no!
Do I represent, no!

Do you agree I care, no!
Do I support, no!

Do you agree I listen, no!
Do I learn, no!

Do you agree I’m fair, no!
Do I share, no!

Do you agree I help, no!
Do I heal, no!

Do you agree I comfort, no!
Do I protect, no!

Do you agree I’m honest, no!
Do I inspire, no!

Do you agree I support, no!
Do I provide, no!

Do you agree I’m reliable, no!
Do I reassure, no!

Do you agree I comprehend, no!
Do I try, no!

Do you agree I’m noble, no!
Do I respect, no!

Do you agree I think, no!
Do I feel, no!

Do you agree, no!

Do you agree, no!


Do you want change?





I see the black ones
white ones
yellow ones
brown ones.

The fat ones
thin ones
big ones
small ones.

The old ones
young ones
happy ones
sad ones.

The married
and free.

The lonely
and shy.

The proud
and trained.

The smart
and rude.

The dumb
and pained.

I see them all.
One by one.

Nothing happens.

I watch.
I wait.

Nothing changes.

They come.
They go.

Forever, and ever, and ever,






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